Mowli Level II Freebie Video Lesson: Using Writing Boxes

Welcome to another free writing lesson and teaching video! This one, for upper elementary students, is from the monthly writing book called Write On, Mowgli! Level I. This one week lesson is called Jungle Book Writing Boxes. Your student will work on creating sentences from given material, adding descriptive elements to their sentences, and then putting those sentences together into amazing paragraphs. The video teaching is broken down into three lessons of approximately 30 minutes each to be spread out over a week. The Writing Boxes, which are included in many of the Write On and Write for a Month Levels I and II books, are tremendous tools for helping students write from a source in their own words and use describers to make sentences more interesting. Then, they take learning one step further as students put all of their created sentences together into paragraphs. Fun lessons and fun topics. Win-win!


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