Peter Pan Level III Freebie Video Lesson: Essay Writing

Welcome to another free writing lesson and teaching video! This one,
junior high students, is from the monthly writing book called /Write On,
Peter Pan, Level III. /This two week lesson is called Three Favorite
Peter Pan Characters Essay.

Like all of the writing books I have created, this project contains the
skills needed in order to write the project contained in it. It has a
quality sample essay to learn the skills from, and it has all of the
steps laid out for the student. The video is broken down into six
“lessons” in which the student follows along in their book (highlighters
in hand) and learns exactly how to write this three paragraph essay with
an opening thesis statement and a closing thesis statement reloaded.
Additionally, the student is taught beginning quotation use and an
introduction to the Checklist Challenge.

Click here to download.