There are two ways to take online writing classes with Language Arts Lady, Donna Reish:

1) Sign up for an existing class. (Click here to see any existing offerings.)

2) Create-a-Class!

Yep, you can create a class for your students, your co-op group, or even your school classroom–with me online!

Here is how you can Create-a-Class:


1) Gather a few students or an entire co-op class.

2) Work with me to choose the book and level that would work for your group. (Text or call to set up a time to organize your class with me: 260-433-4365.)

a. I can do full semester classes from our character quality-based composition program, Meaningful Composition (MC).

b. OR I can do six week or twelve week classes.

i. Twelve week classes can be taught from my “remediation books”—MC Jump Start I or Jump Start II.

ii. Six week classes can be taught from a shorter digital, story-based book, Write On (Mowgli, Peter Pan, Beauty and Beast, Dumbo, Slinky Dog, Fairy Tales, or Christmas Friends). OR from one of our Tools and Tricks books (Write for a Month) to learn the basics of all of my methods.)

iii. Twelve week classes can be taught from a combination of two month-long books (Write On and/or Write for a Month).

3) Work with me to set the weekly time and date of our class and the number of weeks you desire. (I can start mid-semester in most cases!)

4) Choose the full edit option (one edit of each completed paper per student) or the local-teacher-edit option (your local teacher edits the papers). Both options have full class lessons live and recorded for students to re-watch or watch if they must miss a class. Price is based on editing level:

a. Weekly online class with full edits $15 per week per student.

b. Weekly online class without edits $10 per week per student. (Local teacher editing–tools/videos for the local teacher will be provided for free to help them learn my editing methods.)

Call or text today to learn more about how to Create-a-Class! Donna Reish 260.433.4365.





1. What if my student needs to miss a class? Do we still pay? Can they watch the class later?

A: Payment is based on the number of weeks a class is held (not on attendance). Students will receive recordings each week of that class’ lesson. A student may skip a week for vacation or sickness; or may watch the video but be exempted from the homework; or may watch later and do the homework per his teacher’s wishes.

2. What if we purchase a six week program and want to extend it to a twelve week one?

A. In this case, you would choose another Write for a Month or Write On book for a second six week session, and we will keep right on moving!

3. How much homework is involved?

A. Homework is 60-120 minutes per week depending on the grade level (earlier grade levels have less homework) and the writing type (research writing takes more time than essay writing) and the student’s interest (some students love to take a long time on their story creations!).

4. Do we have to print the books or can they work online in the books?

All of the books are highly consumable work-texts. This means that they will fill in the books, outlining cards, Checklist Challenge charts, etc. for each project. It is necessary to have one book printed per student, preferably in a three-ring-binder or spiral bound format.

5. Can the students interact with the teacher?

Yes! I will be speaking directly to the students, asking them questions, discussing their writing topics, etc., during the Zoom meeting. Speaking up is optional, but it is available.

6. Can we contact the teacher with questions?

Yes! I give my cell number to all of my students and their parents (in person ones and online ones) so that they can text me with questions any time. I respond in the same day to text messages (usually immediately unless I am teaching or coaching at that time).

7. Can I see samples of some of the options for books that might be used?

Sure! These are just several samples; I teach writing to second through twelfth grade level students!

a Twelve week sessions only—Jump Start I (remediation–suggested writing levels to begin:
for 4th grade and up; remediation for older students; should be able to write at least one paragraph

b. Twelve week sessions only—Jump Start II (remediation–suggested writing levels to begin:
for 6th grade and up; remediation for older students; should be able to write at least three paragraphs;

c. Six or twelve week sessions–Tools and tricks upper elementary: (Write for a Month, Tools and Tricks II)

d. Six or twelve week sessions—Tools and tricks beginning high school: (Write for a Month Tools and Tricks IV) (coming soon!)

e. Six or twelve week sessions—Write on book for junior high (Write On, Mowgli III)

f. Six or twelve week sessions—Write on book for beginning high school (Write On, Peter Pan IV)

Have more questions? Contact me HERE!