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August 2023

Teach Your Kids There/Their/They’re Easily! (8/7/23)

July 2023

Teaching Three Kinds of Sentences (7/17/23)

20 Ways to Practice Sentence Types with Your Elementary Students (7/10/23)

Happy Independence Day!… a Spelling Lesson (7/3/2023)

June 2023

Learn to Use Who/Whom and He/Him! (6/26/23)

I’m turning 60!! (6/13/23)

Tips for Efficiency (6/7/23)

May 2023

From Chaos to Control! (5/29/23)

More Pronoun Help (5/22/23)

Happy Mother’s Day (5/15/23)

Let’s Get Organized (5/8/23)

Book report writing is here– And some free lessons! (5/1/23)

April 2023

Elementary Write-Ability Tips (4/10/23)

March 2023

Readability Tips Part II of II (3/27/2023)

What will your kids read this summer? Readability Part I of II (3/20/2023)

Did you get a good look at this? (3/13/2023)

More Pronoun Problems! (3/5/2023)

February 2023

Give it to Joe and I … and other pronoun problems! (2/27/23)

Let the littles love writing! (2/20/2023)

Happy Valentine’s Day (2/13/2023)

Why Ground Hog Day “Daily Repeats” Are So Good for Homeschoolers! (2/6/2023)

January 2023

Martin Luther King Jr. Day (1/30/23)

Are Proper Adjectives Even a Real Thing? (1/23/23)

Directed Writing Approach for teaching persuasive writing (1/16/2023)

Second Semester Cottage Class Openings! (Monday Mini Mail) 1/9/23

Most popular of 2022! (Monday Mini Mail) 1/2/23

December 2022

Three ways for kids to say thank-you! (Monday Mini Mail) 12/27/22

Teach your students CAVES! (Monday Mini Mail) 12/12/22

Two Subordinator Tricks (Monday Mini Mail) 12/5/22

August 2022

Do you want some sure-fire homophone tricks? (Monday Mini Mail) 8/29/22

Say this to your middle schooler! (Monday Mini Mail) 8/22/22

What “determines” the X number of parts of speech? (MMM—Order of Parts of Speech) 8/8/22

Do coordinating conjunctions coordinate or join? (Parts of Speech Order—Monday Mini Mail) 8/1/22

July 2022 

Let me interject something here…. (Monday Mini Mail: Parts of Speech Order Series) 7/25/22 

Do you use bugs or planes or reindeer or angels? (MMM—Parts of Speech Order Series) 7/18/22

Sister Trip! 7/11/2022

Independence or Independance Day? 7/4/2022

June 2022

PRO means FOR…Pronouns are FOR nouns! 6/27/2022

Let’s RUN, SKIP, HOP, SPRINT over to learn about verbs! 6/20/2022

So… How do you feel about nouns? 6/13/2022

Is there a method to my madness? 6/6/2022 (Introducing Parts of Speech Series)

May 2022

Are You Ready? 5/30/2022

How do you know that is a sentence? 5/26/2022

CS on the left; CS on the right….5/16/2022

Mother’s Day Punctuation 5/9/2022

The airplane flew ___ the clouds 5/2/2022

April 2022

I’ve got the answer! 4/25/2022

If you can spell the left and you can spell the right—you can spell the word! 4/18/2022

If you have one great trick, you’re GOOD to GO! 4/11/2022

Let’s Spot Check! 4/6/2022

March 2022

Your paragraph topics can’t be “volcanoes, volcanoes, volcanoes” 3/28/2022

You’re Not That Cute! 3/21/2022

You’re not that cute! 3/21/2022

Did you do this? 3/14/2022

To whom? From where? Over what? 3/7/2022

February 2022

Is that an IT or a THEY? 2/24/2022

Presidents Day or Presidents’ Day? 2/21/2022

A Valentine’s Day riddle for you 2/14/2022

THE perfect solution to its vs. it’s 2/27/2022

January 2022

Do you know this trick? 1/31/2022

What do you know about this word? 1/24/2022

Showing possession to nouns 1/17/2022

You know more than you think you know 1/20/2022

December 2021

Help kids say thank you with less stress this season! 12/27/2021

November 2021

The three types of quotes that my advanced students have to include in their writing 11/22/2021

How do I make THIS multi-level? 11/15/2021

The three number rules I mentioned in last week’s pop quiz email 11/8/2021

How Do I feel about pop quizzes? 11/1/2021

October 2021

Why is shortening but lightning? 10/25/2021

When students love grammar and writing! 10/18/2021

Hot to cook, crack, and clean a crab… 10/11/2021

Formula for successful praising of students! 10/4/2021

September 2021

Never use the wrong its and it’s again! 9/27/2021

Some more wordy wisdom for you-precede vs. proceed! 9/20/2021

Gas, got, gum, glad, grip and the GUH and JUH issues – Part II of II  9/13/2021

Gem, giant, gym and the GUG and JUH issues– Part I of II 9/6/2021

August 2021

Use to or Used to? 8/20/2021

Colon quotes, split quotes, and more! 8/23/2021

Inside or outside? The 411 on periods and quotation marks  8/16/2021

Did you ride on a stationary bike or a stationery bike? 8/9/2021

Did you desert him in the desert with no dessert? 8/2/2021

July 2021

Do you agree with this parts of speech teaching order? 7/26/2021

What to do when kids think “If the cat climbed the tree” is a sentence! 7/19/2021

The first writing lesson of the new school year! 7/12/2021

You might have learned the use of  A and An all wrong! 7/5/2021

June 2021

Did we have a lot of lightning or lightening last night? 6/28/2021

An, a, the… 3 little words that confuse students! 6/21/2021

Summer Holidays– including birthday and anniversary 6/14/2021

Are you getting to see the sights or the sites? 6/7/2021

May 2021

Grand Canyon vs. the canyon–trick teaching tips! 5/31/2021

Wrapping Things Up, Procrastination, Just Do It! 5/17/2021

Mother’s Day or Mothers’ Day 5/10/21

Never Confuse parenthesIS and parenthesES again! 5/3/2021

April 2021

Wanna know the most effective spelling approach? 4/28/2021

Wanna know my least favorite word? 4/19/2021