Welcome to the third episode of “My 3 Big Writing Tools and Tricks,” broadcast series.

My Free How-To Book

– [ ] Each step of the Checklist Challenge is separate page, taking you through the steps slowly

– [ ] Samples throughout —including a color-coded sample to see the “colorful version”!

– [ ] One paragraph all the way through before student does own paragraph

Tips for Using a Writing Checklist

  • Be sure grammar skills are taught along with it
  • No vagueness—coding, check boxes, etc
  • Samples of each task
  • Call them what they are for older students (specific opener types, adjectives Vs describers etc.)
  • Do it with the student for first few papers
  • Start out slowly (a few tasks at a time)
  • Help student create final with changes in it.

You can do these with or without my free lesson or purchased lessons!

Note: Summary of the three foundational writing techniques—how they are laid out, how to get a freebie of each type, and how to create them yourself:

(1) Writing Boxes—Episode 24–(See images here)

(2) How to Create and Write From a Sentence-by-Sentence (S-by-S) Outline—The “How to” lessons for these are in my “Tools and Tricks” books and each first semester book of Meaningful Composition.” (As well as in March’s freebie!) Episode two of this series will teach you how to teach this!

(3) How to Complete the Checklist Challenge—today’s episode! (See video teaching of this here! How I Teach 9)