Welcome to back to 10 Minute Grammar… This will be a little bit longer than my usual 10 minute episode, but the information is valuable to teaching elementary students prepositions.

In this episode, I am (once again!) excited to teach you how I teach! I’m especially excited because this episode involves teaching elementary students. Yay for the littles!

I love teaching how I teach elementary students because I really want to spread the message of hands-on learning, incrementally, slow introduction to difficult concepts, and application of each thing these littles learn. I love to do this for my young students.

I dig in right off the bat with some criteria that I have for teaching prepositions to these students:

• Fun

• Easy to succeed

• Repetitive

• Self practice

• Tricks…always tricks!

• Less about purpose than with olders (but still with purpose)

Always Teach Purpose Behind Everything You Teach—With Olders, the purposes for prepositions are many and easily understood when they have a good grasp of sentence structure:

• Subject is almost never in a prepositional phrase

o The girls, along with their brother, are coming to class. 

o In between lunch and dinner at the school yard, we play for hours.

• Prepositional phrase openers

o During the last lengthy blackout, we used up all the candles.

• Using objective pronouns well

o She gave the book to Jon and I. No! She gave the book to me. She gave the book to Jon and me. 

o We had no idea it would get around to Cami, Kara, and I. No! We had no idea it would get around to me….so use me as object!

• Give more details 

o Focus on this with elementary students

o Sentence building

Especially with Elementary and Middle Schoolers:  Teach with images, mnemonics, rhymes, interactives, and check sentences

• Bugs on a Log

• Preposition Packets (Plane, Castle, Reindeer)

• Check sentence 

o The plane flew _____ the clouds. 

o The boy played _______ class. (time)

• Repetition

o Weekly Think Fast Quizzes

Teaching Specific to Elementary Students

• Introduce as a part of sentences that give more information

• Focus on object too

• Interactives at first

• Verbal activities

• Sentence building

It’s all here! AND, I give you some pages from my most elementary preposition product: Bugs on a Log. (Don’t worry…I explain how to make your own interactive/manipulative too!)

Note: This lesson came from Bugs on a Log, a downloadable book in my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

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