Parts of Speech are for sentence building:

The (noun marker/article)

The CAT (noun)

The SNEAKY cat (adjective)

The sneaky cat CLIMBS. (Verb)

The sneaky cat EASILY climbs (adverb).

The sneaky cat easily climbs. HE uses HIS claws. (Pronoun)

The sneaky cat easily climbs. He uses his claws ON the tree. (Preposition)

YES, the sneaky cat easily climbs. He uses his claws on the tree. (Interjections)

1) Coordinating conjunctions (cc)

2) Used to join coordinating pieces.

-two or more words

-two or more phrases

-two or more sentences

3) Teach through acronym:


F or

A nd

N or

B ut

O r

Y et

S o

Goals for students to start recognizing them. Find them in grammar exercises. Punctuate them. And, most importantly, write with them to create compound sentences.

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