Welcome to a new series on the 10 Minute Grammar podcast/videocast: Writing Tips for Every Grade!

I start out with the littles—oh how I love the littles! Yep, Writing Tips for Preschool!

Here are some of the topics I cover:

  • Writing vs. penning–Penning is art. Writing is thinking. Preschoolers can think even when they can’t write!
  • Read to preschoolers often—the more littles are read to, the more they can bring to their own reading and writing process!
  • Experiences to bring to the reading and writing process—the same is true with experiences!
  • Let them see us writing—modeling goes a long way!
  • Write words for them all the time—let them know you are always available to “pen” for them!
  • Writing is the spoken word written down—littles need to know that if they can talk, they can eventually write! And they can write immediately if you pen for them!
  • Let them dictate to you—words, sentences, phrases, paragraphs—write it all for them!
  • Write with highlighter for them to write over –they can practice the penning process by you writing what they say in highlighter and letting them write over the highlighted words.

Give them every opportunity to “write” (dictate to you)—kids’ menus, coloring pages, empty notebooks, napkins, notes, greeting cards—you name it!

There are so many things we can do to prepare preschoolers to write in the future! They can already create. They can already develop a love for writing when their words are written down for them.