This episode includes tips and tricks for helping kids ages three to twelve create/write Christmas thank-you cards—using my inexpensive downloadable sets or creating them easily yourself with today’s tips.

Pre writer

  • Three years to second grade
  • Colored or child to color (simple pictures!)
  • Write over dotted lines or large spaced lines for child to write
  • Message they can cut and paste
  • Two sentences is great! Or poetry

Beginning Writer

  • Early elementary
  • Colored or child color
  • Copy and paste message (have them write greeting and closing)
  • Or copy from a message written out for them
  • Be sure lines are wide for writing

Advanced Writer

  • Middle school
  • Colored or child color or paint or water color
  • Give them rhymed and unrhymed messages if they need ideas for what to write
  • May also use quote or other short message inside
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☑️Check out the three reels (one for each level) showing how to create Christmas thank-you cards on my video nine grid here: