Today I’m taking a little detour from grammar and language arts to share three ideas (based on three products—one is free for the first two weeks of February!). Stay with me—you don’t need these $2 or $3 downloads to do these ideas.

Three Family Valentine’s Day Ideas

1. Keep Close Cards (free at LAL blog the first two weeks of February)

◦ Cards that say Let’s Keep Close and have space under to write an invitation to spend time together.

◦ Use as a monthly invite for one-on-one time with kids.

◦ Fill three in for future activities for Valentine’s gift, Easter basket, or Christmas stocking

2. 52 Ways to Say Triff cards

◦ Colorful, unisex, multi-age, cards with borders and various affirmations and compliments on them

◦ Some are specific to qualities (honesty, friendliness, diligence, kindness, initiative, etc) and some are more generic (you’re triff, so grateful for you, can’t believe you’re mine, etc)

◦ Room under each message to write personal note or message

◦ Use weekly! Also for under pillow notes, lunch box notes, back pack notes, mirror notes, and more!)

◦ Pass out at dinner table and read aloud what the person is getting acknowledged for

◦ Blank, bordered cards for you to create your own

3. Kids’ Faves documents

◦ Ask for kids’ favorites in 35 categories

◦ Use for getting gifts, surprises, rewards, treats, etc.

◦ Fill in with each child

◦ Use at Valentine’s Day or Christmas as a game to learn more about each other as a group

◦ Use for dinner conversations

Make Valentine’s Day a fun family affair with these three ideas/products!