One of my favorite topics to help students write about is people. Writing about people is a great starting point for early writers to use sources, an excellent way to give passages of material for kids to write from, and can even challenge upper-level high schoolers, depending on the expectations and skills included.

I love teaching writing about people for several reasons:

It is one of the easiest research-based topics. There’s chronology, abounding information, and simplified ways.
It is often of high interest to even young students.
There are many ways to break down information, organize facts, and layout content.
It is an excellent topic for expansion.

I love teaching 2nd-5th graders people writing with these approaches:

Writing Boxes (signature layout for sentence and paragraph writing in many of my “Write-for-a-Month” and “Meaningful Composition” programs)
Paragraph House Outline and Writing
Five W’s charts, boxes, or lists
Q and A outlines
Sentence-by-Sentence outline over a given passage, especially story-based passages about people)

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