I love to teach my students how to write about people. In my newest set of “Write for a Month” books, “Black Americans’ Contributions, I had the opportunity to use many of my frameworks for the many lessons in which students write about people.

In part two of three about teaching kids to write about people, I move into more frameworks, outlining types, and pre-writing techniques for fifth through eighth graders:

  • Writing from a source that is given to students with definite/accurate paragraph breaks and appropriate readability/write-ability levels
  • Writing from a source with a single episode/story of that person’s life (can be longer since it is story-based)
  • Giving a source of many paragraphs with a Q and A structure for kids to outline from (their answers become their outline)
  • Outline from sources—three similar people or three achievements (or quotes or books)—so simple to put together for one essay!
  • Going from single source for research to multi-source merging
  • And more!

Check out my newest set of Write for a Month books called “Black Americans’ Contributions.” Five levels. One month long. Downloadable.