I love to teach my students how to write about people. In my newest set of “Write for a Month” books, “Black Americans’ Contributions,” I had the opportunity to use many of my frameworks for the many lessons in which students write about people.

In part three of three about teaching kids to write about people, I move into more advanced techniques and teach how to differentiate learning even more among multi-level writers.

  • Why starting with three people/three paragraphs is such a great idea even up to high school if needed.
  • How to teach expansion from one paragraph into multiple paragraph using that first paragraph’s content
  • How differentiation can be easily achieved through varying expectations based on individual skill levels: number of and types of quotes expected; number of sources required; certain emphases of a person’s life; and much more.
  • How to move from more “middle school-one or two sources” biography writing to the true test of research writing—merging multiple sources.
  • Much more!

Check out my newest set of Write for a Month books called Black Americans’ Contributions.” Five levels. One month long. Downloadable.