Pronouns are number six in our line-up of parts of speech order. PRO means for.

Pronouns are FOR nouns. They replace nouns so that we don’t have to use the same words over and over again.

Two favorite ways to show importance of pronouns:

  1.  Read paragraph with all nouns—no pronouns.
  2.  Read paragraph with all pronouns—no nouns.

Teach kinds of pronouns as we use them—too many types to teach all at once.

Remember grammar is for writing and speaking. They should be writing with pronouns (and the other parts of speech right away).

Some programs/handbooks/experts will call some pronouns something else (like both might be considered an adjective or who might be considered a subordinator).

Personal possessive pronouns NEVER have apostrophes: his, hers, theirs, ours.

Indefinite pronouns do have apostrophes to show possession: somebody’s, other’s, anyone’s.

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