Parts of Speech are for sentence building:

The (noun marker/article)

The CAT (noun)

The SNEAKY cat (adjective)

The sneaky cat CLIMBS. (Verb)

The sneaky cat EASILY climbs (adverb).

The sneaky cat easily climbs. HE uses HIS claws. (Pronoun)

The sneaky cat easily climbs. He uses his claws ON the tree. (Proposition)

1) Prepositions show position!

2) Over 200 prepositions.

3) Modes of learning: song/chant (about 30 prepositions) and check sentences.

4) Preposition Check Sentences for spatial/position: The ____ flew/ran ____ the ___.

Bugs on log

Spidey, Birdy, Polly with tube

Bird or plane in clouds

Angel or reindeer in clouds

Beauty or Luminaire in castle

5) Preposition Check Sentence for time: ____ laughed ____ ____.

Pilot, Birdy laughed…before take off.

Santa, the Angel, Beauty, Santa laughed…before dinner.


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