1) Noun markers/articles: THE

2) Noun: The CAT

3) Adjective: The SNEAKY cat

4) Verb: The sneaky cat CLIMBS.

5) Adverb: The sneaky cat EASILY climbs.


Three criteria for order of parts of speech:

(1) Teach to build sentences.

(2) Teach close to something else they are used with (introduce, modify, describe)

(3) Teach away from something that it is confused with (adjectives and adverbs apart)

Adverbs modify/describe a lot of things:

A djectives

V erbs

A dverbs


Adverbs answer four primary questions:

HOW: carefully ran

WHEN: later called

WHERE: drove downtown

To WHAT EXTENT: extremely helpful


When starting out with adverbs, focus on:

1) Teaching them close to verbs (but not close to adjectives)

2) Looking for/introducing them as LY words the majority of the time

3) Focusing on the question HOW (this will usually be with a verb—the easiest of the three parts of speech they describe and the most common of the three.


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