Welcome back to 10 Minute Grammar! I am starting a new twelve-part series on the parts od speech (each part one episode)—-but NEXT LEVEL!

If you have followed 10 Minute Grammar from the beginning, you might remember that I started the podcast out with the 10 Parts of Speech in order. Very basic. But great tools and tricks for memorizing them and teaching them.

Now we are going to delve into them again—but this time, are taking it up a notch:

  • Why do some people say thee and some say the?
  • How can I help my students tell when a word is being used as a noun Vs a verb (racing in tomorrow’s run Vs going to run) and a noun Vs an adjective (she is a doll Vs she has a doll face)?
  • Why do some adjectives end in ly?
  • How can I teach punctuation of double adjectives and double adverbs?
  • How can I solve the its Vs it’s problem once and for all for my kids?
  • My kids know fifty prepositions, now what do I do with that knowledge?

And so much more!

It is going to be a blast!

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