Welcome to the first episode of a broadcast that will span a nearly-four-decade period of homeschooling!
In today’s episode, I go back thirty-eight years ago when we began homeschooling my younger sister (eighth grade) with a toddler in tow:
  • Why a 21 year old young mom who just graduated from college with a teaching degree was drawn to homeschooling
  • How we “fell” into homeschooling, which would become a way of life for us
  • What homeschooling was like in Indiana in the early 80’s—and how we attended the first state homeschool convention!
  • The difficulty in getting materials then (and “under the table” purchases from Christian schools)
  • The political climate during the early days
  • How we were able to bring my sister up multiple grade levels on one academic year
  • Much more!
This episode is a little longer than what I’ll typically do. So keep watching for these ten-minute episodes and be motivated, inspired, and taught through my ups and downs, successes and mistakes.