Welcome to Our Homeschool History Episode #5:  My Organization Insanity comes to a head—and I start learning about Dailies!  

If you have followed me for a while, you have probably heard me talk about organization and systems (um, just a few times!). 

Well, believe it or not, I haven’t always been as organized as I am now (or, more accurately, I wasn’t always as good at prioritizing!). 

This week’s episode of “Our Homeschool History” tells about my beginnings as a homeschooling mom/homemaker—-including why my husband called me “the closet lady”!

But don’t worry! I came around!

Thankfully, I learned about Dailies early. And without sounding hyperbolic, these Dailies changed my life and our home in significant ways. I would go so far as to say that if I hadn’t learned these lessons, I might not have homeschooled for thirty-two years. That is how impactful Dailies are in a homeschool family!

Some funny tales along the way…we all need humor as we learn our lessons!

Here are some of what I share in this episode: 

(1) Always a big thinker/doer—huge responsibilities when 12; taking on big projects on student council; projects in teachers college were my delight (as long as they didn’t take art skills or laminating!); homemaker—endless projects!

(2) First year of homeschooling eighth grade sister; Joshua was one

(3) Ray came home and took him by hand to show him projects (laminated shelf labels that I had colored out of coloring books, animals divided by jungle, farm, aquatic, etc, closets and drawer etc)

(4) Elaborate systems—laminated and contact paper boxes, put stickers on baby wipe containers people gave me, so much detail that neither I nor anyone else could keep it up. 

(5) Dishes, laundry, undressed toddler, etc all undone —Ray always rescued me as he affectionately called me a “closet lady”!

(6) Read sidetracked home executive—divided into dailies, weeklies, etc 

(7) Learned about the dailies!!! These would come to make a significant impact on our homeschool and my mental health (!) in years to come

(8) Dailies—the things you do habitually each day—before other “extra” things 

 Check out my downloadable, undated Prioritizing Planner”where you’ll learn how to prioritize each day—after your dailies, of course! 

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Our Homeschool History Episode 5

by Donna Reish