Week in the life of….1983..our first year of homeschooling.
  1. Typical morning
  2. Lisa dropped off 7:00 on my mom’s way to work
  3. Independent list until I was ready
  4. Joshua 12-18 months old…get up, rock, sing, read posters on his wall
  5. Once Joshua was ready for day/fed, I checked Lisa’s work so far and taught her reading and math
  6. She had joined little church band, so she had several independent activities on her list: Cleaning job, practice clarinet, silent reading, math drill, read to Joshua, misc assigned from our reading and math lessons, biography reading, geography workbook…
2. Typical afternoon
  • I read history and science with her
  • We also baked, cooked, organized, and played with Joshua throughout the day
  • Most days were similar
  • Saved some intense lessons for when Joshua napped
  • She was picked up at 3:30 when Mom got off work unless it was art class or Y night or mid-week service