Welcome to Episode #2 of Our Homeschool History. I don’t talk much about politics—ever! But our beginning to homeschooling was very politically and socially-driven (complete with home visits, principal meetings, and much more!). So this episode is about our first year with legal action, Dr. Raymond Moore’s visit, fear, and a little politics.

Here is the scoop of today’s episode (my only political episode ever–I promise!):

  • The first dozen families homeschooling in our little town
  • The first Indiana Homeschool Convention
  • Home visits, social workers, principal conferences, and more
  • Spending the day with Dr. Raymond Moore, the founder of Christian Homeschooling during his deposition for a Union City family
  • Last family standing?
  • Umbrella teacher for Ohio families in our area
  • Lisa’s tailor-made curriculum through Home Grown Kids
  • How much I ADORE homeschooling
  • Much more!

I have so much to share with you about our thirty-two years of homeschooling! I want so many great things for you and your students!