Week in the life of….1983..our first year of homeschooling. Part II of II

  1. Social Anxiety
  2. Fear of people, running into store, bullied at school, low self esteem, anxiety
  3. Played clarinet in little church band
  4. Helped with small group—and blossomed in this environment
  5. Great success socially helping with nursing home services and visitation
  6. Exercise at Y; art classes
  7. 2. Indiana law 180 days of equivalent instruction
  8. Counted school days (she seldom missed)
  9. Counted field trips
  10. 3. End of year academic results—tested by her school again
  11. Math—from 2nd grade level to 4th grade level
  12. Reading—from 2nd grade level to 6th grade level (even though her capacity wasn’t supposed to go that high!)