(1.) Within a few months of homeschooling Lisa, we went to a character training seminar held at a local church/Christian school

    • This was taught by Ron and Rebekah Coriele almost forty years ago. 
    • Mrs. Coriel told a story about the oldest daughter who told her friend she couldn’t be dishonest because…”my mom won’t see, but God will”
    • We knew that his character-filled lifestyle was what we wanted for our family. 

(2) We began immediately. 

    • Nursing home ministry 
    • Explaining everything 
    • Character teaching 
    • Scheduling 
    • Deference 
    • Diligence
    • Following instructions 

(3) Our approach did have some downfalls that would later take us years to figure out and fix. 

    • Everything was black and white (which is good in parenting but not a great worldview when trying to teach empathy etc ). We were choosy in who we should serve—and gave a negative impression to our kids about people who didn’t agree with us.