Welcome to another three-part series on “10 Minute Grammar”!

This series is called “My 3 Big Writing Tools and Tricks,” and it will cover my three foundational writing techniques—how they are laid out, how to get a freebie of each type, and how to create them yourself:

(1) Writing Boxes—Episode 24–my signature sentence-dissecting and re-writing protocol made up of boxes in which students make a sentence their own (and eventually a paragraph their own). Extremely templated and easy to follow. (See images here)

(2) How to Create and Write From a Sentence-by-Sentence (S-by-S) Outline—a third or more of the writing projects in all of my 100+ books contain given material/source for students to write from. The S-by-S outline approach teaches students how to write from sources in their own words. The “How to” lessons for these are in my “Tools and Tricks” books and each first semester book of “Meaningful Composition.” (As well as in March’s freebie!) Episode two of this series will teach you how to teach this!

(3) How to Complete the Checklist Challenge—the third foundational method in my books is that of the Checklist Challenge (CC). The “How to CC” lessons are in the same books as the “how to S-by-S” and will be the topic of the final episode in this series. Ninety-plus-percent of my projects have the CC—a checklist of editing/improvement tasks for students to use to improve their papers. I’ll teach you all about it—and get you a freebie!

So…10 MG 25 —-How to Create and Write From a Sentence-by-Sentence (S-by-S) Outline

My Free How-To Book

– [ ] Each step separate page, taking you through the steps slowly

– [ ] Passage/source appropriate reading AND writing level

– [ ] Samples throughout

– [ ] One paragraph all the way through before student does own paragraph

Benefits of Given Source to Outline From

– [ ] Can be sure it is their level

– [ ] Contained—when students begin writing from source they get can be overwhelming and too long

– [ ] Can choose content of their interest

– [ ] Checks and balances to be sure outlining with as few words as possible and symbols

– [ ] Checks and balances to be sure writing essay or report is in students’ own words

You can do these with or without my free lesson or purchased lessons!

Wanna see a video of my teaching this to homeschooling teachers? Check out my “How I Teach” Episode 5 at the blog!