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So….welcome to Episode #5: How I Teach the Sentence-by-Sentence Outline From a Given Source!

In this episode, I use one of my month-long downloadable books, Tools and Tricks II with a given source from the story of Pinocchio to explain how I teach outlining from given sources to students in grades two through six (and higher for remediation purposes).

You get the three paragraph passage, outlining lines, student instructions, symbol box, and more to use with your own students! Yay you!

Get ready to have it all spelled out for you:

1. Choosing sources at the appropriate reading, writing, and interest level for writing from

2. How to teach students to pull out the most important words from source in order to outline

3. The importance of a student following one method all the time in order to reduce plagiarism (either use words from the source in the outline then change them when he writes or NEVER use words from the source in the outline)

4. How to use symbols effectively in outline creation—include a helpful Symbols Box you can print off and use with your students or in your Teacher’s Notebook!

5. A step-by-step lesson (one step on each PAGE for the Tools and Tricks books!) is given for you and/or your students—and I teach this broadcast step-by-step!

6. How to get students to ALWAYS write the Topic of Paragraph on the Topic line every time—and why you never want your students to skip this important step!

7. How determining the paragraph topics ahead of time helps with reading comprehension, main idea location, and paragraph breaks.

8. Again, how to use samples to teach (and samples are included, of course!)

9. How to teach students to avoid using words from the original source

10. Much more!

 It’s jam-packed!

I want so many good things for you and your students!

Note: This lesson came from Tools and Tricks, Level II, a month-long downloadable book!


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