Next level parts of speech—nouns! (See the “intro” to nouns episode here!)

Today’s episode about nouns covers the following:

  • Person, place, thing, idea
  • Two kinds
    • 1. Common (any)
    • 2. Proper (formal—we capitalize the formal names)
  • Possessive—to possess means to own
    • 1. Pronouns—never ‘ for personal possessives
    • 2. Nouns—always use ‘ for possessive nouns
  • Showing possession to nouns
    • 1. ____belongs to _____
    • 2. Write the owner first (don’t even think about possession when you write the owner)
    • 3. Say, “The bowl belongs to the dog. Write the word dog. Hmmmm…dog doesn’t end in S, so I need apostrophe-s (dog’s). “ OR
    • 4. Say, “The handle belongs to the glass. Write the word glass. Hmmmm…glass DOES end in S, so I need apostrophe-s (glass’)
  • Nouns are not second grade skills!
    • 1. Talking heads
    • 2. Give a talk
    • 3. He will talk at noon.

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