Next level parts of speech—adjectives ! (See the “intro” to adjectives episode here!)

Today’s episode about adjectives covers the following:

  • Adjectives are third out of ten on my list (following) because they often describe nouns
  • Often confused with adverbs—use trick “adverb has the word verb in it”
  • Tell 
    • 1. Which one (other)
    • 2. How many (five, many)
    • 3. What kind (happy, blue)
    • 4. Whose (your, my)
  • Adjectives can end in ly—
    • 1. Adjective + ly= adverb
    •   2. Noun + ly = adjective 
    •   3. Ly adjective examples/ brotherly, bubbly, daily, earthly, lovely, gentlemanly, timely, weekly, smelly, pearly, oily, mannerly
  • Punctuating double and triple adjectives 
    • 1. Use commas (or the word and) if both or all three adjectives are descriptive (not clarifying)
    • 2. Use “trade places trick” to see if commas are needed
      • Yes—kind, wonderful person.  -wonderful, kind person
      • No—your lovely mom
      • Can’t say lovely your mom

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