Welcome to HIT—How I Teach….In this episdoe (second part of Twice-Told Tale!) It’s time to look at the second part of this Twice Told Tale lesson—The Emperor’s New Clothes. This fool-proof story writing technique takes even non-story writers by the hand to create an amazing finished product that they are super proud of!

In this episode, I teach the second half of How I Teach…the Twice-Told Tale Story Writing Approach for junior high and above—while using a lesson from one of my Twice-Told Tale books (a lesson that you get for free in your Teacher’s Notebook so that you can teach it to your awesome students!).

Here is what you will learn:

  • How to teach two approaches to Twice-Told Tale planning—using the model scene by scene VS using the model story more loosely
  • The benefits of having “training wheels” for your non-story writers when it comes to story writing
  • How to help your students learn to put dialogue within a scene
  • The importance of teaching writing skills incrementally—including the previous skills needed for a current project
  • How to build confidence in your writers by giving them skills, help, and encouragement
  • How to teach Sentence-by-Sentence outlining including emphasizing where dialogue goes in the outline
  • How to use Twice-Told Tales with avid story writers as well
  • Much more!

While this particular episode uses a lesson based on The Emperor’s New Clothes at about a 6th through 9th grade writing level (depending on Basic or Extension and experience), I have a couple dozen Twice-Told Tale assignments for grades four through twelve!


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