Welcome to HIT—How I Teach….In this episode, I teach the important skill of editing student writing. There is a huge disconnect in the learning process once students turn in their writing project—one that can be overcome and even enhanced through thorough, purposeful editing student writing.

I’m very passionate about this topic, so let me fill you in on what to expect in this episode (part II will be coming next week):

  • The importance of using the grading/editing process of student papers to teach them as opposed to just giving scores or grades
  • The connection between quality editing, including proofreader’s marks and teaching language on their papers, and students’ grasp of punctuation, capitalization, usage, and more
  • How to incorporate proofreader’s marks into your writing and language arts teaching from second grade one
  • How to use the very phrasing and usage wording/lessons that you teach in your language arts/grammar classes on student papers to bring that teaching back full circle
  • How to help students truly apply what they are learning in grammar/language arts classes to their writing
  • Explanations of many of my “special proofreader’s marks”/coding that I incorporate into students’ papers from my lessons
  • Much more!

I feel so strongly about teaching from students’ writing through excellent editing that I spend a great deal of time, effort, resources, and even money to be sure it happens each week for my sixty in-person writing and grammar students. It is that important to me. (And you’ll find out why in this episode!)

Of course, just like every lesson in my one-month downloadable books and my one-semester Meaningful Composition books, this one has the invaluable Proofreader’s Marks document for teachers to print and use immediately. (It also contains my secret proofreader’s marks and a sample edited student paper that I will review in next week’s HIT!)

It’s all here in this week’s HIT–where each week, I bring you tips, tricks, and techniques for teaching writing, language arts, grammar, and more (to grades two through twelve) drawing upon my 100+ curriculum books totaling over 50,000 pages.

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