Welcome to HIT—How I Teach….In HIT #10, I teach the fun, valuable, and exciting skill of dialogue writing and short story dialogue for junior high and high school student. Of course, I have a mentor text/sample story with all of the elements AND a super fun writing project. (Oh, and free lessons…don’t forget the free lessons!)

That fun project—dialogue between two toys in a toy room! (This one has a sample specifically of two toys from the Darling nursery from the story of Peter Pan! DAR-LING—pun intended!)

This episode is jam-packed with TEACHING! How to….

*Span several ability levels when teaching dialogue

*Use mentor texts/sample stories to teach dialogue skills

*Use highlighters and margin notes to interact with the lesson as students are being instructed

*Teach dialogue incrementally

*Begin with quotation use in smaller projects and work up to full dialogue

*Create exciting writing projects that students WANT to learn dialogue for

*Teach paragraph breaks with dialogue writing

*Teach students to use various speech tag words in their writing

*Use clear expectation explanations at the beginning of each writing project

*Use outlining lines for dialogue/story outlining

*Teach basic punctuation of quotes/dialogue with quality examples

*Much more!

I was just a little bit excited about this episode! My experience has been that our creatives, those kids who LOVE to create and write stories, are just begging to be taught how to write dialogue. And we can give them the tools!

(I hope you can watch on video this week as it is a pretty visual lesson….but if not, be sure you get your Teacher’s Notebook sheets so you can see the mentor text/sample story with all its glorious dialogue!)


And for your convenience, How I Teach…. is available as a podcast (follow along in your TN sheets for that week) and a YouTube video (with Power Point containing the same as the TN)!


Note: This lesson came from Write On, Peter Pan III, a month-long downloadable book!


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