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I cover many important topics in teaching young students how to write from a source (in a sentence-by-sentence format with our darling writing boxes!) and how to put in strong describers:

1) How to help students find the important words in a source sentence to use for outlining (focusing on the people or things and what they are doing)

2) How to help students choose their favorite words from a list that they create

3) The importance of showing students how their sentences come together to form a paragraph

4) How to guide students in changing paragraphs when you change thoughts (a paragraph as a unit of thought)

5) How to help students re-construct a sentence using the student’s strong word choices

6) How to help a student avoid overwhelm by seeing the granular sentence as opposed to an entire paragraph he has to write

7) How to start using describers well by planning which words need describers and how the describers will make a difference in a sentence

8) How to excite kids in putting sentences together to come up with their own strong, descriptive paragraph.

9) And more….all using the darling story of Dumbo and the easy-peasy writing boxes that even reluctant writers like!

Note: This lesson came from Write On, Dumbo II, a month-long downloadable book!

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