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In this episode, #6 How I Teach….Twice-Told Tales—TTT– (Spin-Off Stories), I teach you how I teach an amazing story writing method I call Twice-Told Tales (formerly Piggy-Back Stories). I developed this method and began testing it nearly twenty years ago with local students—and now it is in several of my print books (Meaningful Composition) and many, many month-long downloadable books.

Today I walk the listener/viewer through an entire beginning lesson of the TTT, focusing on fourth through eighth graders, including:

1. The importance of a good model for students to “spin off from”—including appropriate readability levels, distinct and simple paragraph/scene breaks, no dialogue in beginning stages, and more!
2. How to use the model to find/teach the elements of that story—in this case, the main character (Goldilocks), three bears, three situations/conflicts, etc.
3. How to handle reluctant story writers using this method
4. Using familiarity to jump start story writing
5. Giving students two options to create their scene/paragraph topic—one where they use the model heavily and one where the jump right off to create their own scenes.
6. The importance of teaching whatever story writing elements you are going to be asking of your student right within that lesson
7. So much more!

These projects are absolutely, amazingly fun! Get your TN sheets today! Watch the training. Teach tomorrow! Have outstanding stories from your kids without tears within days!
Note: This lesson came from Write On, Fairy Tales, Level II, a month-long downloadable book!

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