Welcome to HIT—How I Teach….In this episode, I geek out on ways to order parts of speech teaching (and whether there are 8, 10, 12, or more parts of speech!) and I give tips on how to teach articles/noun markers. Grammarians, handbook authors, and style guides often disagree on the ways to order parts of speech. Which part of speech should come first? How do you build from one part of speech to the next? What should the timing be in the order of parts of speech?

I get brave in this episode and explain my dilemmas with the various orders—and why I have settled in on the 10 parts of speech I have and why I like them in the order that I do.

(Hint: I start with Articles/Noun Markers, which is the subject I teach about in the last half of this episode! AND….you can get free Articles posters at HIT 21’s Episode page!)

Where do you fall on the order of teaching parts of speech? Have you considered some of the things that have tripped me up in deciding on the best order:

  • Should nouns and verbs be the first two since students can create sentences from them immediately?
  • Should articles/noun markers and determiners be part of the parts of speech, or do you prefer to just stick with the basic eight?
  • How do you feel about teaching adjectives and adverbs so closely to each other?
  • Why not start with simple ones, ones that I have tricks and rhymes for like Interjections or coordinating conjunctions?
  • What about those super important prepositions? And how can you get away from memorizing a song with thirty only—and not teaching the application of them?


Wowsie…so much to think about…and that doesn’t even skim the surface of best grades, how to scaffold grammar learning, incrementality, and so much more!

So after I nerd out (another problem—what about nouns that have become verbs too?!?!) for a while on parts of speech, I settle in on my best Articles/Noun Markers tips. Three little words, but so important:

An, A, The

Three little words.

Tell you that a noun

Is about to be heard!

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