Welcome to HIT—How I Teach….In this episode, I explain my methods for teaching sentences and clauses (phrases will be in episode #52).

Here are some of the highlights of this episode:

  • CAVES—Capital, All makes sense, Verb, End mark, Subject; how to teach students to recognize a sentence with that acronym (see my CAVES posters and reference ring cards here!)
  • Independent clause vs. Dependent clause
  • Sentence is independent
  • Subordinate clause is dependent
  • How to teach students to recognize when they have written a subordinate clause vs. when they have written a sentence
  • What are subordinators
  • Uses for subordinators
  • How to help students memorize MANY subordinators
  • The value of using check sentences and mnemonics and clues!
  • How to teach the creation of complex sentences using subordinate clauses and real sentences joined legally!
  • Much more!

It’s all here in this week’s HIT–where each week, I bring you tips, tricks, and techniques for teaching writing, language arts, grammar, and more (to grades two through twelve) drawing upon my 100+ curriculum books totaling over 50,000 pages.

Note: This lesson came from The Write Right Quick Kit, an upper level, teacher, parent downloadable book!

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