Welcome to HIT—How I Teach….In this episode (and the next—two parter!), I have a blast teaching about a story writing technique that I came up with years ago (I’m sure others thought of it too!) called the Twice-Told Tale. (Some of my early books call it The Piggyback Story.) This fool-proof story writing technique takes even non-story writers by the hand to create an amazing finished product that they are super proud of!

In this episode, I teach the first half of How I Teach…the Twice-Told Tale Story Writing Approach for junior high and above—while using a lesson from one of my Twice-Told Tale books (a lesson that you get for free in your Teacher’s Notebook so that you can teach it to your awesome students!). (In Episode 23, I will teach the second half!)

Here is what you will learn:

  • How to set expectations for this (or any) writing project
  • The importance of making sure that all of the skills that a project requires of a student are taught and taught and taught (to avoid frustration)
  • How to bridge the gap between story writing lovers and research writing lovers to make those research kids less afraid and more excited about story writing
  • The importance of using a strong, at grade level model that has the same or similar length and detail of what you are asking students to write
  • How to help students learn to match the space for their writing with the detail of a story (and how not doing this can lead to an essay rather than a story)
  • How to use a model to teach scene changes, paragraph breaks, dialogue writing, literary devices, and more
  • What to expect of students in a Directed Brainstorming Box to be sure they come up with enough obstacles, character details, solutions, and more for the assigned project
  • How to get students excited about a project by using suggestions, models, and samples
  • Much more!

 I thought this was going to be one episode, but I had so much fun with it, the HIT will actually take two episodes…and I’m not mad! I love teaching this entire process!

While this particular episode uses a lesson based on The Emperor’s New Clothes at about a 6th through 9th grade writing level (depending on Basic or Extension and experience), I have a couple dozen Twice-Told Tale assignments for grades four through twelve!

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Of course, just like every lesson in my one-month downloadable books and my one-semester Meaningful Composition books, this one also has the invaluable sample story (“piggybacked” off of the model, just like your student will do!).

 And for your convenience, How I Teach…. is available as a podcast (follow along in your TN sheets for that week) and a YouTube video (with Power Point containing the same as the TN)! 

Note: This lesson came from Write for a Month, Twice-Told Tale III, a month-long downloadable book! 

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