Welcome to HIT—How I Teach….In episode #20, I explain how to choose a passage to give your students as a writing source. Moreover, I explain what a writing source should look like for your students—from the number of paragraphs to the complexity of the sentences, from the outlining spaces to the symbols a student can use in their outlines.

(You will get a four paragraph source from the story of Dumbo, outlining lines that go with that source, and a complete Checklist Challenge—so you can use the Teacher’s Notebook  writing lesson for your third through sixth graders!)

Here are some of the highlights from this week’s broadcast:

  • Pre-cursors to having students write from lengthier passages: Writing Boxes (available for free in HIT #3) and using a How To Write From a Given Source lesson (available for free in HIT #5)
  • Choosing an appropriate number of paragraphs for your students’ writing level
  • Making writing from one source multi-level
  • Determining “write-ability” levels, not just readability levels
  • Making clear paragraph distinctions within the source you create
  • Using a sample outline and paragraph re-write—or doing a paragraph outline and writing on the board together before they write from the rest of the source
  • Creating clear outlining lines to go with the source you are creating
  • Using the “Topic of Paragraph Line” to teach beginning paragraph division
  • Teaching students to use the minimum number of words in an outline
  • Using symbols in place of words in an outline
  • Teaching a method of outlining that students stick with in order to avoid plagiarism
  • Much more!

It’s all here in this week’s HIT—where each week, I bring you tips, tricks, and techniques for teaching writing, language arts, grammar, and more (to grades two through twelve) drawing upon my 100+ curriculum books totaling over 50,000 pages.

And for your convenience, How I Teach…. is available as a podcast (follow along in your TN sheets for that week) and a YouTube video (with Power Point containing the same as the TN)!

Of course, just like every lesson in my one-month downloadable books and my one-semester Meaningful Composition books, this one also has the invaluable sample paragraph.

Note: This lesson came from Write for a Month, Dumbo, Level II, a month-long downloadable book!

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